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What's included:
-4 short strings
-1 long string
-30 mm hoops with fishhook
-2 pins

What you need:
-Small comb or brush
-Any flat surface to work on (if you want to use the pins to keep the design in place a small piece of foam board, cardboard, etc. works well)

1. Start by tying the four small strings with larks head knots onto the hoop with equal lengths of cord on either side.
2. On the far right, tie the long string in a larks head knot. Rather than equal amounts hanging from either side, you'll made the inner cord (closest to all the others) the same length as all other cords. The outer cord will be much longer and have all the remaining length of cord hanging down. This is what you'll primarily be working with.
3. Flip the hoop so you're working along the back side (the side where the strings are coming out). If you want to use the pins to stabilize the hoops do that now by pinning along the knots on the far ends. If you need additional stabilization you can use a small piece of scotch tape at the very top to tape them to your surface.
4. Take the long piece of cord and lay it over the first short string to the right. Knot it under and up through the loop and pull snug. Check the front to make sure the knot looks like it is resting snugly against the top string.
5. Repeat step 4 on the same string. Now you should have two layers below the initial string. Make sure they're both snug and straight.
6. Move to the next string and repeat steps 4 and 5.
7. Continue to the end of the row and tie an extra loop (as if you were tying a regular knot.
8. Use a small comb or brush to brush out the fringe, being careful to not catch the knots.
9. Cut fringe to your desired length. You may need to repeat the brushing again to get all fringe looking like you want it.
10. Spray with a little hairspray to keep strings from moving around when you wear them.
11. You've made one earring! Repeat steps 1-10 with the other one.
12. Try on your new beautiful earrings! If you show them off on social media I would love to see how they came out! You can tag me at @averyandemorydesigns

Happy making!!