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Brittany Naylor, owner and creator behind Avery and Emory Designs

I am thrilled to provide beautiful accessories made especially for busy women who want an affordable, easy way to take their look to the next level!

Before I created Avery + Emory Designs, I had two pairs of go-to earrings that I switched out daily. They were simple and understated and I loved them, but they didn't do anything to bring any of my outfits together like I wanted. I went in search of high quality yet affordable statement earrings and just couldn't find the style and quality I wanted at a reasonable price.

So I did lots of research and learned how to create my own. My first attempts were...not great. But I kept working and perfected my technique to create the styles I was looking for and was happy with. At this point the earrings were just for myself and I had no intention of creating a business but friends and co-workers complimented me on them every time I wore them and I slowly began selling them to people I knew.

I realized that there was a need for two things that I had and wanted to share with more women: comfortable, lightweight earrings that could easily be worn for long periods of time and beautiful, versatile accessories that provided a statement without breaking the bank. That's when Avery + Emory Designs was born!

Despite a couple of degrees in business, I quickly realized I knew very little about running my own business or how to get my products in front of the women who needed them. I have spent countless hours learning the ins and outs of entrepreneurship while expanding from my signature leather and faux leather collection to other designs that provide the same comfort and affordable sophistication of my original designs. I have been astounded at the amazing response and friendships I have developed with other women through this journey.

Today, Avery + Emory Designs is run out of my home studio in San Marcos, Texas where I live with my husband and our two adorable girls. I am constantly working to create new earrings and take my business to the next level. I'm so excited to have you here!